What to Expect:

Barrier Lake Resort is located in a scenic valley 60 km south of Tisdale. The resort has been under its current management since 2017. We offer a beautiful, clean, quiet place to relax, either alone or with the whole family. At the resort we have a small 35 seat restaurant offering home-cooked meals, a convenience store, fuel, shower and laundry services, as well as rental cabins, boats and campsites.

The lake is surrounded by trees which gives it a picturesque setting. The loons can be heard calling in the mornings and evenings during the spring and summer. There are many songbirds and waterfowl for the avid birdwatcher. In the winter, the area is teeming with wildlife such as deer, moose, coyotes and wolves.


Store, Restaurant, Cabins, Campsites, Boat Launch / Docking, Boat Rentals, Public Beach, Showers & Laundry Facilities, Playground, Fuel Sales.